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10 Most Trustworthy Payment Gateways for eCommerce Sites

Selecting the payment gateway is not as crucial as selecting the right one as it affects your overall costs and ROI.

Also, it affects the trust of your customers for your eCommerce store.

What is a payment gateway? A payment gateway is like an online point-of-sale (POS) system for your business. It ensures the secured transactions on all eCommerce websites.

But, why do you need a payment gateway? If you own an eCommerce website and want to accept and process digital payments on your website, you need a payment gateway.

In fact, when you use any of these popular payment gateways, just keep their icons on your website. This increases the trust of your customer on your products and boosts your sales.

What are the benefits of payment gateways?

  • Speedy transaction processing
  • Data security
  • Shopping cart management
  • Accept & process transactions 24×7

Let’s check out the world’s popular payment gateways that you should use for your eCommerce store:

Top Payment Gateways for eCommerce Sites

1. PayPal

PayPal - a leading payment gateway

PayPal is the oldest yet most famous American payment gateway system. It is still ruling the eCommerce industry for online payments. PayPal is expanding its reach to various countries in the entire world. It has also acquired many payment gateways and among which, Braintree is one of them.

PayPal Transaction Fees (*This differs from country to country)

  • 2.7% for each US card swipe
  • 3.5% + USD 0.15 (fixed) to key in cards
  • 2.9% + USD 0.30 (fixed) for any invoice
  • 1.5% for payment transfers across various countries

In Which Countries PayPal is Popular? PayPal is popular in almost 200 countries. 

‘Pay Now’ Button from PayPal

PayPal Pay Now Button

PayPal came up with a “Buy Now” or “Pay Now” button which you can use it on your website to allow users to directly pay you. For your eCommerce store, you need to use the “Buy Now” button. Because you want your customers to buy your products and not pay for them.

2. Authorize.net

Authorize.NET - top payment gateway

Authorize.net is another well-known payment gateway service provider based in the U.S. The payment gateway provider has partnered with various certified solution providers, developers, hardware companies, and business services providers. All these to provide a pool of service providers of Authorize.net from which you can choose the one that is feasible for your business.

Authorize.net Transaction Fees (*This differs from country to country)

  • 10¢ for each transaction
  • 10¢ for a daily batch fee (additional to above)

In Which Countries Authorize.net is Popular? United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia

Authorize.net Buy Now Button

Authorize.NET Pay Now Button

This is also a simple payment gateway button that you can use on your eCommerce store.

3. SecurePay

SecurePay - a leading payment gateway

SecurePay is another payment gateway solutions provider. This payment gateway company, SecurePay, is a PCI compliant. PCI compliant means a set of security standards that are required by all the payment gateway providers in order to take, store, process and transmit the credit card information.

SecurePay offers eCommerce businesses to accept payments through POLi and even PayPal, inclusive of all the other credit cards.

SecurePay Transaction Fees

  • 45c for each transaction + AUD 395 annual fee + GST
  • AUD 800 for 3000 transactions + AUD 0 annual fee + GST
  • For 5000 or more transactions, they have customized pricing available

In Which Countries SecurePay is Popular? Australia (exclusively)

4. Stripe

Stripe - top payment gateway

Stripe offers a payment gateway software that not only accepts the payment but also manages your entire eCommerce business. Most of the well-known apps- Lyft, Slack and many such uses Stripe. Stripe is compliant to many standards- like PCI, PSD2, SSAE18/SOC, etc.

SecurePay Transaction Fees

  • 2.9% per transaction + 30¢

In Which Countries Stripe is Popular? Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

5. PayTM

PayTM - India's leading payment gateway

PayTM is a leading payment gateway service provider in India. The eCommerce businesses can accept payments from credit/debit cards, digital wallets, UPI, Netbanking, EMI and any other payment platforms using PayTM. In fact, you can accept payments without your website or mobile app- using links.

PayTM Transaction Fees

  • 1.99% for each transaction + taxes

In Which Countries PayTM is Popular? India

6. Shopify Buy Button

Shopify Buy Button

Shopify offers a buy button to the eCommerce business owners to integrate this in their store to start accepting payments just like the PayPal Buy Now button and Authorize.net Buy button.

This Shopify Buy button is often used by the people using Shopify for their eCommerce store.

Shopify Buy Button Transaction Fees

  • 2% per transaction for Basic Shopify plan
  • 1% per transaction for Shopify plan
  • 0.5% per transaction for Advanced Shopify

In Which Countries Shopify Buy Button is Popular? Worldwide

7. Braintree Payments

Braintree Payments - top payment gateway

Acquired by PayPal, Braintree is a company that offers payment gateway services for eCommerce businesses. Braintree is popular for its customization in UI for checkout along with the PCI compliance and an extra layer of card security with 3D secure.

Braintree Payments Transaction Fees

  • 2.9% + USD 0.30 per transaction
  • Customized pricing also available

In Which Countries Braintree Payments is Popular? United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia

8. CCAvenue

CCAvenue - a leading payment gateway

CCAvenue is another payment gateway solutions provider that focuses on providing end-to-end payment services to eCommerce businesses.

In fact, the unique portion of CCAvenue is to provide the storefront for the merchants who do not have any eCommerce website or app. Well, this is an add-on service on the top of just accepting and processing the payments.

CCAvenue Transaction Fees (*This differs from country to country)

  • 2% per transaction for various card payments, net banking, wallet payments, and bank payments
  • 3% per transaction for MasterCard & Visa Card for international payments
  • 3% per transaction for American Express / Amex EMI, JCB & Diners Club
  • 4.99% per transaction for multi-currency options
  • Rs. 1200 for Annual Software Upgradation Charges

In Which Countries CCAvenue is Popular? South Asian countries

9. RazorPay

RazorPay - top payment gateway

RazorPay is a startup turned into a company that accepts and processes digital payments on the web as well as mobile apps for eCommerce businesses through various methods.

Everything from accepting, processing to managing the entire payment module of an eCommerce business is taken care of by the payment gateway company, RazorPay.

This payment gateway company has bagged many awards such as Best POS Innovation, Financial Express Software Product of the Year, and many more.

RazorPay Transaction Fees

  • 2% + GST per transaction on all the Indian digital payment modes
  • 3 % + GST per transaction on all the international digital payment modes
  • Custom pricing is also available

In Which Countries RazorPay is Popular? India

10. PayUMoney

PayUMoney - the best payment gateway

PayUmoney is a payment gateway solutions provider that guarantees to get your payment account setup and activation within a few minutes. Once, you integrate PayUmoney in various formats- Credit/Debit cards, Netbanking, UPI, and digital wallets.

They have two-way security authentication, which assures your secured transaction. In fact, they say they apply 100+ risk rules to avoid any data breaches.

PayUMoney Transaction Fees

  • 2% + GST per transaction on all the Indian digital payment modes
  • 2% + 1% on Amex + GST per transaction

In Which Countries PayUMoney is Popular? India


This is a list of most popular payment gateways along with what all transaction fees they charge and which countries do they serve. Do you have any other payment gateway that is popular in your country? Share with us on social media and we will consider adding it to our list if they are eligible.