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Drive Traffic to your New Fashion eCommerce Store Instantly

Oct 7, 2018 8 min read


Drive Traffic to your New Fashion eCommerce Store Instantly

Reading Time: 8 minutes

“How to drive traffic to my online fashion store?”

This is the first and foremost concern of almost all the owners of the new fashion eCommerce brands.

All other challenges for a new fashion eCommerce store are secondary. If you don’t have traffic on your online fashion store, how are you going to get sales?

So, let’s begin a quick yet unavoidable list of ways to drive traffic to your online fashion store immediately when you launch.

1. Create a WOW-some eCommerce store

Create a WOW-some experience on the fashion eCommerce store to drive traffic

Before you could drive traffic to your new fashion eCommerce store, you need to work a lot on developing the store.

Whether you have to develop a website, an app or both, you need to be quite attentive, and alert to craft each and every feature of your store.

I am sharing the ways to drive traffic to your new online fashion store, but it is the responsibility of your store to engage and interact with them. And, if your store is unable to do that, your hard work of marketing will go in vain.

So, to avoid this, you need to follow two things-

1. Copy the leaders

You need to look at the leading fashion eCommerce brands and pinpoint each and every element- button, payment gateway, and all the processes that they have.

Here is a list of popular payment gateways which the most leading online fashion brands are utilizing efficiently.

All the features and functionalities that the leading fashion eCommerce stores have, should be present in your online store.

If you are unable to do so, we have crafted a list of the most important features for a fashion eCommerce store. This list will give an in-depth idea of what leading digital fashion brands are doing and that too, how.

This list of features ensure the success of any new fashion eCommerce brand and that is the reason why it is in the must-have one.

2. Bring something unique

This is something tricky, but not difficult or impossible.

Unlike other leading eCommerce brands, fashion is the segment that needs unique features that attract your customers quickly and easily.

And, what you need to do to bring something unique?

Vatsal Shah, an eCommerce business coach with 15 years of experience, shared a list of WOW features for the fashion eCommerce brands. Those features not just improve the customer experience, but even drive higher conversions.

Well, not all the fashion eCommerce brands are able to imbibe all of these features. And hence, it is an opportunity for your new online fashion store to attract customers.

2. Have heavy launch discounts

Launch heavy discounts to drive traffic to your fashion eCommerce store

This has become a trend for any fashion store.

Whenever an offline fashion store is launched, you see advertisements in your newspaper about the same offering amazing deals and offers.

Well, this works for an online fashion store as well.

To attract customers, you can offer heavy discount offers.

Now, you might be wondering- how would that impact your online store traffic?

So, here is what can happen?

The fashion enthusiasts are always eager to explore new products and accessories. Not just for their own personal needs, but even for their followers on social media and for their blog readers.

If they give you a shout-out on social media, it is going to give you the following benefits-

  • Brand promotion
  • More store traffic
  • More conversions

So, before you launch your fashion eCommerce store, plan well to launch it with heavy discount offers.

3. Reach out to fashion influencers

Reach out to fashion influencers to drive traffic to your fashion eCommerce store

You know what? Influencer marketing has been a boon for online fashion stores.

Based on your target audience, you need to make a list of fashion influencers with a great following and even a great website presence. We covered the in-depth process of influencer marketing for the fashion eCommerce brands.

After making a list of fashion influencers, follow the below steps:

  1. Email them or message them on their social media networks about your new store and your willingness to send them a few samples of your fashion products to try
  2. Send them your product samples
  3. Ask for a shoutout on their social media networks and website with a detailed review

It is possible that the fashion influencers ask for a token amount to give out a detailed review. So, this depends on your budget to choose them or not.

You can either set a deal with them of offering your fashion products at the lowest price possible and something similar at which both of you can agree.

But, fashion influencers prove to be a boon to drive traffic to your new fashion eCommerce store.

So, you should not avoid it at any cost.

4. Launch videos with YouTube fashion influencers

Launch videos with fashion influencers to drive traffic to your fashion eCommerce brand


Videos are the new in-thing for any business, any industry.

And, videos not only help in driving traffic, but it also helps in brand promotion, engagement, and conversions.

This is the reason why most brands are looking forward to video marketing in the coming years.

And, when it comes to fashion eCommerce industry, then this industry sees the highest engagement ratio and conversions.

And, what you can do to drive traffic using videos?

  • Connect with the fashion influencers available on YouTube
  • These fashion influencers come up with videos on a regular basis for their viewers
  • You can come up with a deal with them and ask them to review your product or maybe feature it
  • After this, they can share your store link in the description to help you drive more traffic

Like I personally believe that things that we see live on videos can attract us a lot and encourage us to get it.

This is the reason why we listed having product videos on your fashion eCommerce brand can drive more conversions.

5. Do engaging activities on Social Media

Do engaging activities on social media to drive more traffic to your fashion eCommerce store


You know that social media is one medium which is not just for promoting your online fashion brand but even for driving sales.

So, what kind of engaging activities that you can do to promote and drive traffic to your fashion eCommerce brand?

  • Encourage in promoting your fashion influencers because this can allow them to look forward to dealing with you at a fair price
  • Create polls that attract your target audience and giveaway some samples to the lucky winners
  • Launch review campaigns to collect more reviews where people can come and review your product and in return, you give away some cashpoints or rewards
  • Sharing motivational thoughts, fashion tips, how-to video tutorials, and thanking shoutouts to your customers can help drive more engagement
  • Always post on trending events, hashtags, and even festivals and connect your brand with it

All of these will help you drive more traffic from social media organically. Yes, doing this does not need any investments.

6. Integrate paid promotions on Social Media

Do paid promotions on social media to drive traffic to your online fashion brand

In the above point, we discussed the organic ways to drive traffic to your store.

And now, we are going to discuss why and how paid promotions help in getting more traffic and sales to your new fashion eCommerce brand.

Why do paid promotions? To-

  • Help your online fashion brand to reach to the target audience
  • Show them the products that they might be interested in
  • Remind them about the products that are still in their shopping cart
  • Bring your brand to be noticed by maximum people

Now, what social media platforms to consider for paid promotions?

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. YouTube

How to do social media promotions?

  • You can create image and video ads based on your products
  • Create separate campaigns based on segmentation of your target audience
  • Make your campaigns live on all the social media platforms
  • Create remarketing campaigns for all the social media platforms. That reminds your customers about the products that they might be interested in or have had purchased similar products

Don’t forget, paid promotions on social media not just drive traffic but also skyrocket your app downloads.

7. Involve in PR and media activities

Involve in PR and media activities to drive traffic to your fashion eCommerce website and app

PR and media activities can cost you some amount of investment.

But, you know what? These days, it is important to be in news.

Search for a well-known PR agency and work closely to plan your PR marketing activities. Ensure you launch grand with great news.

Also, the news publishers are like ants. If your brand name is published or promoted in any of the news websites, all other online news magazines will start writing about your new online fashion brand.

So, this is what you need to do to grab the attention of media because it helps in increasing the brand awareness and even on the store traffic.

8. Send style guides in newsletters

Send style guides in newsletters to drive traffic to your new online fashion store

Vatsal Shah suggested you here in the list to have style guides in your new fashion eCommerce store along with what benefits it can offer.

But, now how are you going to promote them?

You need to send those style guides to the email addresses present in your list or database. This helps your customers to understand what kind of personality should use what kind of fashion products.

These style guides boost the traffic of your new fashion eCommerce store. Because, based on the style guides, people come on your website to check for the similar looking products.

And, it increases the chances to get your store visitors to be converted into your long-term customers.

9. Send Push Notifications

What are push notifications? by Localytics to drive traffic to your new online fashion store


Well, this is surely the last one on my list, but not the least.

As per the statistics, 12% is the click-through rate of the eCommerce & retail industry.

So, sending push notifications is one of the great ways to drive traffic to your new fashion eCommerce brand.

What do you need to do?

  • Create push notifications based on audience segmentation
  • Send them the offers through push notifications
  • Circulate push notifications on a regular basis

With a perfectly made plan to send push notifications, you can drive more traffic and sales to your new online fashion store.


We understand the pain that you go through while launching your new online fashion store. And, this is the reason we made a list to help you with increasing your store traffic as well as conversions from the time when you launch.

So don’t wait, just plan your activities right away.

Do you feel any other activities could help a new online fashion store to boost their store traffic? Kindly send us your suggestions, experiences, and even experiments on [email protected] If we find them really interesting and worth trying, we will feature them.

What are you waiting for? Send us an email now.

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