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20 persuasive eCommerce conversion hacks used by The PostBox

Aug 19, 2019 9 min read


20 persuasive eCommerce conversion hacks used by The PostBox

Reading Time: 9 minutes

As per the latest eCommerce future trends, niche brands are expected to see a hockey-stick growth.

That’s the reason why we thought to cover the eCommerce conversion hacks of one of the top niche fashion brands of India- The Postbox.

Here is a brief introduction of thepostbox.in:

The Postbox is a niche fashion brand is selling modern and functional travel essentials designed with carefully selected materials for today’s Generation. The products are highly creative yet useful products such as leather-based laptop bags, travel essentials, home accessories, and more for daily use.

They have applied the art of selling, learned about their consumers and designed an eCommerce site that has conversion hacks. Let’s check out them,

1. The First Fold

Ecommerce website conversion hack - first fold of website

One of the most impressive places of a website should be the first fold. It should convey the brand personality, value proposition or current sales offer. And, needless to say, thepostbox.in has amazingly appealing homepage banners with a great showcase of designer products. It attracts to the niche buyers who are looking for classy things.

Generally, we don’t find the first fold is fully covered with the banner in most of the eCommerce stores. But, when it comes to The Postbox website, their homepage banner is itself conversion-oriented. Each banner leads to different sections based on user preferences. 

There is no thumb rule for the first fold design. Choosing the right number of images, video, content, elements, and the right products in the slider can be a game-changer.

2. Featured Product – Section 

Ecommerce website conversion hack - section design

On the homepage of The Postbox (TPB), you will find a section showcasing a specific utility for the consumer targeting niche segment. The section has an amazing image and a few words. It is important to learn that less is more in the mobile commerce arena.

3. Well-defined Mega Menu

The buyers love your site more when your link structure is well-organized and takes directly to the respective products. It actually increases the click-through ratio.

And, TPB loves to be in good books of their customers. Hence, they have such a beautiful and organized menu which also shows the right balance of product image and links.


4. Loyalty Program

Do you know why brands look for loyalty programs? Loyalty programs should encourage customers to buy from you again and again. In a way, these programs make your customers become addicted to your brand and give you Continuous Recurring Revenue (CRR). 

The PostBox does not want their customers to go anywhere and even benefit every time they shop from them, refer a product, create an account, write a product review or buy another product using reward points. It makes a cyclic purchase from the user and increases their LTV (lifetime value).

Ecommerce website conversion hack - loyalty points

Similarly, we love Myntra’s loyalty program, which is beautifully designed to persuade users to purchase more.

5. Filter Options


According to experts, filtering options can help you drive conversions. But, you must know that designing the filtering options customized for each category of products to improve customer experience.

The PostBox has filtering options based on the type of the product, the material used in the products and the size of the product. 

The more customized filter options your eCommerce store will have, the more impressed your customers will be.

6. Different Call To Actions (CTA)

Any UX guide you read, you will find that if all CTAs sound the same like subscribe, buy now, learn more, etc. it reduces conversion rate. It has to be more like action-oriented words and different for different sections. CreateDebate saw a 45% increase in clicks for its eCommerce website as per CopyBlogger by using proper CTAs.

And, The PostBox does not want to take any chance to use such website conversion hacks. That’s the reason why the website has different CTAs for different collections. It is a smart move by TPB.

Ecommerce website conversion hack - different CTAs

7. Clear Messaging

While discussing the brand message with one of the eCommerce business owners, we insisted to include something that talks to a niche audience. Their content team came up with just one line and to their surprise, they saw a decreased percentage of bounce rate and increased number of conversions.

The PostBox already knows this conversion hack and it is killing it with a clear brand positioning.

Ecommerce website conversion hack - clear cut messaging

Including product information, your personalization, and talking to a specific audience gives you a perfect message for your brand.

8. Circle back to other categories on landing pages

Ecommerce website conversion hack - category section

“A category page should be full of products. Even market leaders follow the same idea.” We hear this line in almost every other meeting when planning the category pages of an eCommerce business.

But, being an eCommerce business owner, you need to understand that you are not here to copy the market leaders and become successful. Learn from the leaders, but create your own success plan. That’s what TPB believes in.

You will see the three sections on every landing page of TPB. If the user scrolls down to the end of the page and doesn’t get into product details, they circle back the user to another category which is also promising, instead of letting them go.

9. Category Banners

Do you really think category banners are important? Yes, absolutely. It is always good to put your show-stopper product on the top of the category landing page.

Ecommerce website conversion hack - category banners

Everything cannot drive conversions. Some things need to work as a user-experience (UX) element. Your category banners help customers to better understand your products within the category.

That’s the reason why The PostBox has it and you should too. Also, don’t put the banner product on the top of the product listing on the page. Let the user scroll through the page and find it. By this user will also check other products on the page.

10. Attention to detail in content

How detailed can you go to explain each of your products? 

Your customers don’t know about your products, its benefits, and using more than you. It’s you who can educate, explain, and share the ways they can use your products.


One of the products TPB sells is the Leather iPad Organiser. TPB explains what all can fit in that. Try to understand the concerns your probable buyers have and address them there and then.

Not necessarily you need to cover them in the FAQ section. Give proactive answers to the expected queries of the buyer to reduce the return ratio – learn from TPB.

11. Personalized alert for price drop

Do you know people usually wait for the entire year for Amazon Prime Day? Why? Because that is the day when the Amazon Prime customers will get the products at the highest discounts or lower rates.

Discounts, sale or offers entice people to shop online. Understanding this mentality and converting to your benefit is what eCommerce businesses need to learn.

Undoubtedly putting a personalized alert for price drop becomes a conversion hack. Your customers eagerly waiting for a price drop will immediately buy the product the moment you send them a price drop alert. 

Ecommerce website conversion hack - personalized alert price drop

Check out how ThePostBox does it effectively. And when visitors set a notification, TBP captures their details. It also tells them their preferences. 

12. Messenger for quick communication


Knowing which communication channel your customers prefer is quite essential for eCommerce businesses to improve customer experience.

And today, the most preferred messengers of buyers are Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. These preferences may change based on your target audience. 

But, TPB has integrated this “Message us” feature which gives the buyers to choose from the options to quickly interact with the brand representatives. A unique and interesting eCommerce hack!

13. Utility product pictures

How your products can be useful for your customers? You not only need to write them but even showcase them.

You must know this-

The way you present your product decides its fate.

 Ecommerce website conversion hack - product utility

Get all your creative ideas and use them to showcase your products in the best way. TPB has taken extra care to showcase each item that you can put in an organizer.

This way of showcasing your products in the most productive manner 

14. Customization

Today’s generation likes to have a personal touch in their day-to-day things.

Everything from fashion products to personal accessories, they want customization to not just look different but special.

Such customization can help you convert your potential buyers faster as they feel special by buying your products over your competitors’.

personalization of fashion product

Customization is not exactly a conversion hack, but an influential hack to boost sales.

15. Real-time Instagram pictures

Why do you use Instagram? To promote your eCommerce products and gain business, right?

I understand. But, is promotion the only benefit of using Instagram for your business? No.

Instagram is a perfect medium to share what you do at your workstation, how your staff work, what is the story behind your product, and much more.

All these things help your customers connect with your brand and products which ultimately makes people connect with them emotionally.

And, emotional appeal is a must nowadays to become a well-known brand.

TPB utilizes Instagram perfectly and also showcases it on the website so that people landing on the website does not miss out on this real-part.

Ecommerce website conversion hack - real-time Instagram pictures

16. Product sustenance

Do you remember any brand or manufacturer of fashion products does this? How much longer your products can sustain? You need to find this out and even showcase it to your customers.

Ecommerce website conversion hack - product sustainability

Doing such a thing builds trust among your customers for your brand. And, winning trust can be one of the key advantages to defeat your competition.

17. Our factory

Which is the place where you develop your products? Your customers want to know this. Though your customers don’t explicitly tell you that they want to know it, being your customers, they have got a right to know.

Even showcasing the pictures from your showroom, factory, and real-life instances improve the brand reputation. Your customers feel you have nothing to hide from them and hence, they believe everything that you say, do and sell.

See how TPB showcases their view from the factory: Ecommerce website conversion hack - our factory

18. Search like human

What if technology understands what you type? Today, the eCommerce trend is moving towards voice search. But, if you’re not looking to invest in voice search currently, you should at least have human-like search functionality.

Ecommerce website conversion hack - human-like search functionality

Confused about what do I mean? Check out this search functionality of TPB-

I searched, “organizer” and TPB’s website automatically interpreted that I am talking about “organiser”. 

Irrespective of the language you prefer, the search functionality of your website must understand the context behind your search. That’s how you improve the customer experience and hence, double the sales.

19. Checkout page

Whenever we discuss eCommerce conversion hacks, we enforce on having a simple and one step checkout page.

Despite this, we have eCommerce websites having two to three-fold checkout pages. Simple checkout pages help your customers to not waste time and buy the products that they’re looking for. 

Here is an example of simple and one-fold checkout page by ThePostBox-

Ecommerce website conversion hack - checkout page

20. Bestseller Section

Showcasing your best-selling products has now become a common practice among eCommerce businesses. So, before you ignore this eCommerce website conversion hack, get this as your straightaway conversion hack from TPB. 

Ecommerce website conversion hack - bestseller section

Make a winning story with these eCommerce conversion hacks

Conversion hacks are the smart ways to win the customers, orders and higher-order value. Every eCommerce business is different and so are their customers. Try to understand your audience and make their buying easy, engaging and appealing is what you need to bring in your website.

Ta-da, you’ve got a good list of conversion hacks.

What conversion hacks should you have in your online store? Email us to ask for tips to get a list of must-have features that would boost your conversions. 

Vatsal Shah is a co-founder of Pragmatic Consultancy and DIMC and has transformed various IT, E-Commerce, Chemical, Retail, Service sector organizations for 15 years now. Vatsal has been invited as a speaker by WordCamp, Meet Magento, GTU, ETail India, AMA, GLS University, etc. As a business coach and mentor, he has influenced more than 48 organizations in India, China, the UK, Africa, and the USA and trained more than 4700 people. Vatsal is the most artistic personality at eComKeeda because he is an amazing singer, dancer, artist, gold medalist in the corporate writing, and so much more.