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13 eCommerce Conversion Hacks to Double Your Conversions in No Time

Sep 20, 2018 7 min read


13 eCommerce Conversion Hacks to Double Your Conversions in No Time

Reading Time: 7 minutes

“The success of an eCommerce business lies in higher conversions.”

An eCommerce business mentor, Vatsal Shah said this thing in a workshop in Ahmedabad, India sometime back. And, I haven’t just noted it down, but even tell most of my eCommerce marketing clients.

What happens with an eCommerce business is-

You have a great looking website with amazing products. In fact, you work a lot on strategy as well. Then slowly and gradually you start having no to little traffic. But, the concern begins when that traffic does not convert into your customers.

Hence, from what I have learned, tried, and tested, I have come up with a list of 13 most attractive things that you should do to not just start having conversions, but double it in no time.

So, let’s get started.

1. Highlight a product scarcity

Human nature is attracted to things that are less in quantity. Or I can say, that limited stock available.

Now, if you tell your customers that the product is in limited stock, there are more chances for them to make a purchase. Well, that too very quickly.

This eCommerce conversion hack is appropriately placed on

Product Scarcity - eCommerce conversion hack

So, make sure you have this thing rightly placed in order to double the conversion ratio.

2. Highlight product popularity

Now, how do you highlight a product’s popularity in your eCommerce store?

Well, most of the leading eCommerce brands use this on each of the product pages and showcase how many people have that product in their cart. This is what Myntra has.

Product Popularity - eCommerce conversion hacks

This gives a sense of a product’s popularity and customers get a feel for choosing the right product and hence, help them make a purchase.

Well, it is ultimately an eCommerce conversion hack

3. Highlight an offer scarcity

Now, what is an offer scarcity?

I understand your confusion. And, I am talking about something at which Amazon is an expert-

Offer or Deal Scarcity - eCommerce conversion hacks

To utilize a deal, I was only left for 15 minutes to checkout. If I am not utilizing it, I am scared of losing out on an amazing deal.

This is one way and there are many other ways you can use this technique in your eCommerce store.

Another conversion hack that needs to be rightly utilized to reduce the cart abandonment to a great extent and boost the conversion ratio.

4. Load your web & mobile store in 2 seconds

Don’t wonder if I ask you to have your web and mobile store to load within 2 seconds. Here is what Google’s research stated,

Recommended page loading speed by Google's research

If Google has a report saying that the visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load, it is better to have the page loading speed of your eCommerce store within 2 seconds.

What do you say?

Well, I tried testing the speed of and look at the speed at which it loads-

Check out Etsy's mobile page speed

Pretty fast!

5. Improve your organic growth with SEO

Most of the time, most people search for the products on Google rather than on any specific eCommerce brands.

Product ideas - eCommerce conversion hacks

And, when it comes to people searching for your products, it is important for your eCommerce store to have your product ranking on Page 1.

Hence, you need to do the following things-

  • Keyword research for each product
  • Competitor research on how they have used SEO in their stores
  • Implant those keywords with their long-tail versions in the title tag, meta description tag, heading tag, image ALT attributes
  • Write product descriptions focusing those long-tail keywords
  • Internal link products with appropriate keywords
  • Keep a smooth store navigation
  • Resolving technical SEO errors
  • Optimizing your products for rich snippets
  • Optimize for local listings if your target audience is local
  • Work on getting backlinks from well-known websites like Wikipedia, etc.

Follow all of these to improve your organic growth, stay competitive, and skyrocket your eCommerce conversions.

6. Keep your store content less but strong

As per a report by CX Score, the eCommerce brands that have stronger content have 21% lower bounce rate compared to the ones that don’t have.

So, the point here is- keep the content less and make it attractive, interactive, and highly convertible.

When it comes to content quality over quantity, I love and here is how they do it-

Strong content - eCommerce conversion hacks

7. Have high-quality product pictures with zooming functionality

Almost all of the eCommerce brands know that one of the must-have features on the store is having the high-quality product images.

70% of eCommerce brands customer zooming functionality of the product images to be as one of their top priorities while taking the purchase decision, says a report.

In fact, just having the zooming functionality won’t be enough. It is an added advantage to having high-quality product pictures. If the photos are not of the highest quality, the zoom will not help in turning visitors into customers.

See how have the combination of high-quality pictures with zooming functionality-

Product quality with zooming functionality - eCommerce conversion hacks

Now, let’s checkout how Caratlane has-

Caratlane's product quality with zooming functionality
Zooming functionality is far better of Caratlane than BlueStone. But, the look and feel of the product is better at BlueStone and not on Caratlane.

Hence, don’t you ever forget to have a combination of high-quality product images and zooming feature on your product images because they help you boost the conversion ratio.

8. Have easy filter options

Whether your eCommerce brand is a leading one or a new one, you need to understand that each customer differs in choice, size, and style.

As per research, only 16% of fashion eCommerce brands have a “reasonably good” filtering experience.

So, it becomes imperative to improve your filtering options whether you’re into the fashion industry or not.

You can do two things-

  • Look at the leading eCommerce stores as you ideal to build your own eCommerce store
  • Understand the customer pain points while filtering options and plan it effectively

Not always the leading eCommerce brands have the filter options that your target audience might look for.

Check out how has customized the filter options based on products, although being a small yet niche eCommerce store-

a. For laptop bags

Postbox laptop bags

b. For passport wallets

Postbox passport wallets
So, the important thing is to classify products as per the needs of your target audience. This makes filtering options one of the tricky yet important conversion hacks for your eCommerce store.

9. Include audio and visual search

Yes, the site search functionality is mandatory. But, as I said in the above point to have it based on the latest technology and trends which mean to have audio and visual search options.

Voice search has become trending nowadays and hence, it becomes imperative for your eCommerce brand to have it.

Many of the leading fashion eCommerce brands are having this functionality and hence, you should not avoid it because it boosts the conversions like anything.

Look how Myntra is doing this-

Myntra audio and video search - eCommerce conversion hacks
An amazing conversion hack to look forward during this year.

10. Have a Mobile Commerce App

OMG! This is a must-use conversion hack to build up a strong customer base on mobile. Most of the online shopping happens on mobile now.

By 2021, mobile eCommerce might reach USD 3.5 trillion. Hence, if you want to be the one grabbing the attention in the fashion eCommerce market, you need to have your website mobile-friendly.

Almost every eCommerce store has its own mobile app and so you need to have it.

So, if you are a newbie in the eCommerce industry, you need to have a plan of incorporating a mobile app for your eCommerce business for sure.

11. Allow customers to sign up easily

There is a new trend going on among the various websites- to allow the users to sign-up using their existing accounts on Google or any other social media.

This allows your customers to have an account on your portal without facing the challenges of remembering the login credentials.

Well, many of the brands have been utilizing this conversion hack for a long time now and here is how does it-

club Factory Sign Up - eCommerce conversion hacks

This is another hack to boost the conversions because this helps to serve your customers better.

12. Allow customers to checkout as guests

Most of the leading eCommerce brands allow their customers to checkout as guests. And, they are quite successful in utilizing this conversion hack.

Macy’s makes it look so clean and perfect that each customer has its own choice to sign-up, login or checkout as a guest.

Macy's checkout as guest - eCommerce conversion hacks

But, why should we allow our customers to buy without signing up?

I understand your question and it is valid as well.

As per the statistics from Statista, retail eCommerce sales are expected to reach 4.88 trillion U.S. dollars.

This means each of your customers would be a customer of another online shopping portal and remembering the login credentials is also a headache for them. And, allowing them to checkout as guests can help them stay loyal to you despite not having their account on your eCommerce store.

Hence, you should too allow your customers to checkout without signing up or logging in.

13. Incorporate user-generated content

The least used conversion hack is utilizing the user-generated content. Most of your customers would be sharing a picture wearing your product on social media platforms. And, many of them are now high-quality ones.

You need to ask them whether you can utilize those pictures to promote your products on your store and even on your social media promotions.

People love to see how the product will look after utilizing it. Whether that’s a gadget, outfit, accessories, food or anything else.

This is a direct way to grab the audience and skyrocket your conversion ratio.

Wrapping Up

Having an eCommerce store and an effective marketing strategy won’t do good if your eCommerce store lacks the capabilities to attract, convert, and engage with the customers. So, use all of these conversion hacks to boost your eCommerce sales right away.

Vatsal Shah is a co-founder of Pragmatic Consultancy and DIMC and has transformed various IT, E-Commerce, Chemical, Retail, Service sector organizations for 15 years now. Vatsal has been invited as a speaker by WordCamp, Meet Magento, GTU, ETail India, AMA, GLS University, etc. As a business coach and mentor, he has influenced more than 48 organizations in India, China, the UK, Africa, and the USA and trained more than 4700 people. Vatsal is the most artistic personality at eComKeeda because he is an amazing singer, dancer, artist, gold medalist in the corporate writing, and so much more.