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Killer Ecommerce Social Media Strategy for Holiday Season

Nov 13, 2018 5 min read


Killer Ecommerce Social Media Strategy for Holiday Season

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Ecommerce social media strategy for the holiday season has a huge potential to drive more conversions and ultimately business growth.

So, before the festive season arrives, you need to gear up with a point-based eCommerce social media strategy.

Here is a list of holidays and festivals you need to target for your eCommerce social media marketing strategy every year-

  • Halloween
  • Diwali
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Uttarayan
  • Republic Day
  • Valentine’s Day

So, these five months are full of festivals and holidays. Make the best use of them for planning your eCommerce success during this holiday season.

So, let’s get started.

An Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Social Media Strategy

1. Decide your social media marketing mission

Every plan is failed without a definite goal.

That’s the reason why you need to decide on what do you need to achieve from your social media marketing campaigns during the festive season.

Here is a step-by-step process to help you decide the goals for your social media marketing plan-

  1. Look back to the past achievements of your social media marketing campaigns during the festive season and check the difference between the expected and achieved ROI
  2. Also, check for the goals achieved during the past 6 months of strategy applied for your eCommerce brand
  3. The next step is to find out what do you want to achieve from social media-
    1. Traffic
    2. Conversions
    3. Engagement
    4. Sales
  4. The last step is to make sure to have this mission aligned with your overall marketing mission. We discussed the marketing mission in the guide to drive eCommerce success this holiday season

Don’t worry if your social media marketing mission includes all of the above. You just need your entire social media team to know the mission. That helps each and everyone in the team to stay focused on the mission and work for the same.

2. Plan your social media marketing campaigns

Now, you know what do you want to achieve from social media marketing this holiday season. So, the next step is to plan all of your campaigns that are going to help you achieve your marketing mission.

Let’s plan the effective social media marketing campaigns to make the best use of this festive season.

So, here are the types of campaigns that you can plan on social media for holiday season:

  1. Platform-specific campaigns
  2. Time-based campaigns
  3. Drive-traffic campaigns
  4. Drive-conversions campaigns
  5. Drive social media engagement campaigns
  6. Drive-sales campaigns
  7. Influencer-driven campaigns

These types of campaigns are sure-shot to help you win this festive season. The only thing you need to do is, use enough research, analysis, experience, and expertise to plan these campaigns.

Don’t underestimate the time of festivals as each eCommerce brand has planned discounts and marketing agendas. You have to come up with a solid eCommerce social media strategy that includes killer types of campaigns.

3. Update your pages with holiday-special creatives

The another most important thing is to give the feel of the holiday season on your social media pages. You have to do that just the way you decorate your home, office, and even website.

How to plan for your holiday-special creatives to use on social media pages?

  • Based on each festival and its relevant discounts/offers, plan different cover photos for each of the social media pages
  • There should be multiple banners for each festival
  • Each creative that is used for social media pages should have the feel of each festival for which they’ve been planned for

For example, during Diwali see how Nykaa did it-

Social Media Creatives for effective eCommerce social media strategy - Nykaa

4. Develop engaging content

Now, we all know that we cannot compromise on the quality and effectiveness of the content.

In fact, engaging content helps in improving website traffic, leads, and customer experience. And, social media is not an exception especially when it is the holiday season.

How to create engaging content on social media for eCommerce brands?

  • Highlight the discounts/offers of your eCommerce brand products
  • Use the latest statistics that invokes the curiosity for your customers
  • Share infographics/charts that attracts your customers
  • Bring in the customer reviews to drive conversions
  • Highlight your brand story
  • Tag the influencers with whom you’re working
  • Share videos and GIFs to encourage users to engage with your social media posts
  • Indulge in social media engagement activities such as quiz, contests, etc.
  • Share tips, tricks, news, and even trends that you regularly post on your blog
  • And, much more

With such engaging content on social media, you’re sure-shot to achieve success for your eCommerce brand this festive season.

5. Consider video marketing

Video marketing is so much in trend these days. Make sure you add it to your eCommerce social media strategy for every holiday season.

Following types of social media videos drive more engagement and conversions:

  • Influencers promoting your products
  • Customer reviews
  • Storytelling
  • GIFs
  • And, anything that’s creative

I loved the concept Flipkart uses in all of their video ads as they bring kids to act like adults-

6. Invest more in social media advertising

While planning for eCommerce success using social media marketing, investing in paid marketing becomes mandatory.

Just like influencer marketing, it is the most obvious marketing technique to achieve your marketing mission this festive season.

According to a survey, social media advertising budgets are expected to reach around 64 percent by the year 2023. This reaches around 18.5% of the total marketing budget.

That means increasing your budget in social media advertising helps you become successful this festive season. Make a note of it right away so that you don’t skip it while making an effective eCommerce social media strategy.

7. Keep a close eye on Analytics

One thing is for sure that you cannot improve without reviewing what you’ve been doing.

That’s the reason Analytics plays an important role when you plan an eCommerce social media strategy for your store during the holiday season. It helps to look at what’s working and what’s not.

Based on the analysis, you can work on optimizing everything from graphics, content to ad copies.

So, make sure you connect your social accounts with Google Analytics. And, combined check the analytics report of each social media pages with Google Analytics.

This gives you an appropriate and in-depth report of website traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Gear Up Your Social Media for Holiday Season

This holiday season beat your own expectations. When we talk about expectations, they are- eCommerce store traffic, conversions, and revenue. And, all that with the help of this step-by-step planning and execution guide.

Every brand is offering great discounts and doing amazing marketing during the festive season. That’s the reason why it’s not that easy to make your eCommerce business successful.

So, start working on this social media strategy and win over your competitors easily.

What do you think is one of the best ways to succeed over this festive season for an eCommerce brand using social media? Share with us on [email protected].

Himani Kankaria is a content writing and marketing consultant, a brand ambassador of Hootsuite. With 7+ years of SEO & digital marketing experience, she has helped various enterprises to achieve 800% organic growth YoY. She shifted her focus from core SEO to content writing and marketing utilizing her SEO skills just to offer enterprises with high-quality content that ranks on Page 1 of Google and even converts. Himani talks a lot and loves dancing. She enjoys networking with the like-minded people and enthusiastic about achieving new heights in life.