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12 eCommerce Website Features for Home Decor Brands

Nov 21, 2018 8 min read


12 eCommerce Website Features for Home Decor Brands

Reading Time: 8 minutes

A home decor eCommerce website features need to be carefully crafted to earn customers.

When it comes to online home decor and furnishing stores, everybody is busy marketing the products.

But, do you know whether your website is capable enough to make conversions?

If you don’t know an answer this, you need to understand this-

[Tweet “Until and unless you have better customer experience, you won’t have conversions.”]

Also, the online home decor and furnishing businesses are having tight competition from the leading home decor eCommerce brands such as Pepperfry, Urban Ladder, and more.

Nobody remembers your brand if your website experience is not up to the mark.

So, what do you need to do?

Build an amazing website experience of your home decor eCommerce brand to attract, impress, convert, and delight the customers.

12 Successful Home Decor Ecommerce Website Features

Let’s begin to improvise your website features and functionalities to make your online home decor store successful.

1. Rich Media Graphics

The first and foremost thing that attracts the customers is the presentation of your products.

How you have presented your home decor and furnishing products greatly impact the perception of your brand into customers’ mindset.

Let’s take the example of a sofa-

Home decor eCommerce website features - Rich media graphics

This definitely gives a sense of how the sofa is. But, how it would look into a living room is what matters the most. So, you need to promote a sofa the way Pepperfry does it-

Home decor eCommerce website features - How the product is presented is important


This looks more appealing and convincing to the customers to make their decisions much faster.

2. Virtual Try-on

The customers would definitely want to see how your products would look like when placed in their homes. So, you need to make sure you present your products in a more customized and personalized way.

And, how would you do that?

With the help of Virtual try-on feature on your online home decor website.

Have you ever seen visited It brings Augmented Reality (AR) in their 3D visualization tool. This tool allows your home and furniture eCommerce store to make your customers virtually try your products at their own places.

Home decor ecommerce website feature - 3D Try on by Acep Trylive

3. Customize Furniture

“One size fits all” has become an old-school approach. The new one is-

“One design that fits your customer needs”.

The businesses focusing on this have greater chances to get noticed at the lightning speed. Also, when it comes to home decor, this is what customers want. They want everything from design, architecture, and decor that is specifically made for their home.

When it comes to buying furniture, the customers still prefer to shop for furniture offline because they can get it customized and hardly any online furniture store come up with customization.

You would be surprised to see that being a furniture eCommerce brand, you have a plethora of areas where you can come up with customized furniture.

There is a brand called, This online furniture brand allows its customers to customized any furniture in any material, design, size, and the way they want.

Home decor eCommerce website features - Customize furniture feature

Bring this feature on your online home decor store as it has an amazing impact on your customers. This feature of the furniture eCommerce brands brings a huge number of repeat customers.

4. Proper categorization

Categorization is the crucial thing to decide while designing and developing the layout of your online home decor store.

And, I would suggest you not to rush on to make decisions for categories. Carefully plan and finalize the categories based on your products, customer needs, their ease of searching your products, and much more.

See how different home decor brands have different yet amazing categorization:

  • Urban Ladder
Home decor eCommerce website features - Appropriate product categorization is essential
  • Pepperfry
Home decor eCommerce website features - Product categorization by Pepperfry

So, not necessarily you have to completely or blindly follow the leading home decor and furnishing websites.

You need to understand your target audience, their interests, user experience, and how you can ease the search of your customers.

So, categorize your products effectively to make it work for you to bring more customers.

5. Filter options

People when come to a home decor eCommerce store, there are chances that they have checked their required products on other portals or even in the offline stores.

So, your customers might be looking for products based on various-

  • Brands
  • Price
  • Furniture style
  • Color
  • Material
  • And, maybe more or less or other than these

You need to figure all of these out and based on that, choose your filter options. Now, you would say there are various eCommerce businesses who only choose price as their filter options.

In that case, they might be the manufacturer of certain material-based products. Or maybe they didn’t have enough resources to build more options. Whatever it may be, you need to think like a customer and hence, make it effective enough to convince your customers to buy your products.

End of story.

Now, check out how Pepperfry has the filter options other than Brand and Price-

Home decor eCommerce website features - Filter options by Pepperfry

Both of these websites have different filter options and both of these websites are doing amazingly in terms of conversions. But, the way Pepperfry customizes the whole filter thing, makes it remain on top of the home decor eCommerce industry

6. Exchange and return policy

When it comes to home decor and furnishing products, the products differ from choices to even sizes.

Looking at such differences, there are more chances where people might look returning the products that they had bought from your online store. Or even they might look to exchange them.

So, you need to clearly plan and draft exchange and return policy. Also, it becomes imperative for a business owner to get an overview of an eCommerce business consultant because it is not everybody’s cup of tea to prepare such documentation things.

Any incorrect sentence or missing information can lead to a great loss to your home decor business. Hence, firstly, it is necessary to have it on your website and secondly, get it professionally made and reviewed by an expert.

Reading your policies make your customers convinced on buying the products from a trustworthy company.

7. Installation Options

Imagine you’ve bought a king-sized bed from an online store. Now, you’ve got that delivered.

But, how are you going to assemble it? Do you have the expertise to do so? Is it that simple that anybody can do it single-handedly?

So, if you cannot, how can you expect your customers to do so?

The moral of the story is- you have to have the installation services to be offered to the customers buying high-valued furniture or products that need assembling.

When you mention such a feature, it helps your customers to choose you over others who are not providing such customer service. And, such customer service gets you customers for lifelong.

So, whether you want your customers to pay you some fixed amount for assembling the products or you want to give it for free, it’s up to you. But, having it in the first place is more important.

After all, we recently said-

[Tweet “Earning Customer Loyalty in eCommerce is the new Customer Service.”]

Don’t forget this if you are looking to become successful.

8. Appropriate product detailing

The home decor and furnishing products need much more product description compared to any other product.

The size of the product, width, height, and much more matters when it comes to larger as well as heavy home products.

So, apart from adding the details about the brand, its materials, and style, you even need to add the size of the products.

Here is an example from the Urban Ladder that perfectly displays the size of the furniture available on its online furniture store-

Top home decor eCommerce website features - Product detailing is must have one

This gives attention-grabbing information about the product’s size so that the customers understand how will it fit into a particular room.

Having appropriate product detailing is one of the most required information to grab the attention of the visitors and get them converted into your lifelong customers.

9. FAQs

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are the most tricky yet interesting thing on the home furnishing eCommerce store.

Well, most of the eCommerce businesses tend to have this on their store. But, for an online home decor store, this is one of the most important things that need to be present for sure.

Why FAQs are a must for an online furniture store?

  • They give a clear idea of how to buy a particular furniture
  • It convinces your customers more easily compared to your product descriptions
  • FAQs solve all the common queries of most of the customers which satisfy the customers and make them buy your products

So, eCommerce FAQs are not just for customer queries, they serve better customer experience. Hence, you must have a FAQs section in your store.

Let’s see how detailed FAQs can be, from Urban Ladder-

FAQs is highly essential for home decor website features

How convincing they are!

10. Highlight customer reviews

The way it is necessary for all other segments of the eCommerce industry, the same is the way it is necessary for the home and decor segment.

Customer reviews help your customers get a sense that they are not the only one who is considering this home decor website for their requirements. There are many others who have not just purchased the products from them, but even liked them.

So, don’t you ever forget to keep customer reviews on each of the product pages. Well, all the other leading home decor websites already have that which means this feature is unavoidable.

11. Easy finance options

Most of the home furnishing products are not just the compelling pieces for a home, but an asset for a family.

And, such assets are even pricey. So, they are not purchased more often as compared to other home decor items or maybe any other products.

That is the reason why customers love to see finance options available for such huge-priced products.

How finance options help you convert more home decor eCommerce customers?

  • Customers who are bound with a certain budget would extend their purchasing capacity if they see products available at EMI options.
  • Also, when customers find finance options available on your website and not on another, the chances of opting for your website gets higher.
  • You are able to sell more products with such facilities compared to not having such facilities.
  • Customers trust the companies coming up with such services that improve their purchasing experience for their loved products.

So, you have increased customer loyalty with such finance options. And, you cannot compromise on getting loyal customers for years to come, right?

See how Pepperfry does it perfectly-

Home decor must-have features include finance options and even highlighting them

12. Option to find Nearest stores

One of the most important features of a home decor eCommerce website is to make it easy for your customers to find the nearest offline store on your website.


Most of the home decor and furnishing businesses have come up with their offline store first and then they have gone online. This is not the case with almost all of the marketplaces who came with their online store first and then went Omnichannel, just like Pepperfry.

So, if you are already having your offline stores, highlight them on your website with a feature called, “Find a store” or “Stores” or “Store Locator” or anything else.

This makes it easy for your customers to come down to your store and decide on the products that they would like to purchase. And, most of the leading eCommerce brands, irrespective of their segments, are going Omnichannel anyway. That’s the game-changing eCommerce market trend by 2020.

So, it is beneficial even for your brand to go for it.

In short, you must have a store locator on your website to either convert your customers online or offline. As simple as that!

Are you sure you want more customers?

If the answer to this question is a ‘yes’, then you need to make sure you have all the above-mentioned features, facilities, and functionalities to attract, impress, convert, and delight your customers for lifelong.

Do you find it challenging while adding any of these features in your home decor eCommerce store? Or did you find this list useful? Be it anything, you can write to us on [email protected].

Vatsal Shah is a co-founder of Pragmatic Consultancy and DIMC and has transformed various IT, E-Commerce, Chemical, Retail, Service sector organizations for 15 years now. Vatsal has been invited as a speaker by WordCamp, Meet Magento, GTU, ETail India, AMA, GLS University, etc. As a business coach and mentor, he has influenced more than 48 organizations in India, China, the UK, Africa, and the USA and trained more than 4700 people. Vatsal is the most artistic personality at eComKeeda because he is an amazing singer, dancer, artist, gold medalist in the corporate writing, and so much more.