Top 7 Learning Management Systems transforming the way we study

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Top 7 Learning Management Systems transforming the way we study

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Learning Management Systems (LMS) were highly searched on the search engines in 2004-2007 compared to what today is. Look at the below graph,

Learning Management Systems on Google Trends

But, the LMS market, adoption, and users has been growing YoY. Let’s take a look at a few LMS statistics for 2021 and beyond-

  • The worth of the LMS market was measured at $2.5 billion in 2013, $7.8 billion in 2016, and according to numerous predictions, the number will have grown to $15.72 billion by 2022. (iSpringSolutions)
  • The Asia-Pacific LMS market is expected to be the fastest-growing segment with a CAGR of 19.75% from 2019 to 2027 (Market Research)
  • 65% of C-Level executives and 35% of managers are the primary participants in LMS platforms (Research and Markets)
  • 77% of US companies used elearning in 2017, 72% believe elearning puts them at a competitive advantage, and 67% of organizations offer mobile learning (eLearning Industry)
  • 66% of L&D professionals reported that their roles within their organizations have grown substantially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic (EBN)
  • 30% of global LMS buyers are tech companies (eLearning Industry)

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have turned increasingly accessible in diverse educational and corporate domains. These systems offer a practical digital approach to teach students and train professionals directly.

The best online learning management solutions offer students or learners a straightforward approach to access and utilize course materials via the internet while making it undemanding for teachers and corporate trainers to manage the learning courses.

This method is convenient for educators, students, corporate learners and trainers to reach each other from the comfort of homes or any distant location.

Let’s Explore Best Learning Management Systems (LMS) for 2021

  1. Google Classroom
  2. Microsoft Team
  3. Docebo
  4. WizIQ
  5. Blackboard Learn
  6. LearnUpon
  7. Moodle

1. Google Classroom

For educational institutions, Google Classroom System is a precise selection as a content management system and provides a useful digital approach to teach students directly. This leading learning management system is a free and trouble-free tool that helps educators manage and assess students’ progress while improving connections with learners’ right from school, home, or on the go.

However, the explicit provisions of teaching materials also mean that students who cannot attend classes can still be enabled with catch-up notes, course material, assignments, and homework.

With the current pandemic forcing students into distance learning, the Google Classroom system can make a real difference to students and teachers who might not have previously utilized an online learning management system.

Top learning management systems (LMS) - Google Classroom

LMS Type: Free and Premium Education LMS

Google Classroom LMS: Reasons to Purchase Premium Version:

  • Added features and functionalities
  • Access to advanced tools
  • Discounted pricing for more features

Google Classroom LMS Integration with:

  • Google Docs 
  • Spreadsheet 
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Google Drive 
  • Other administrative tools

Google Classroom LMS Fit For?

  • Schools, Colleges and other Educational Institutes
  • An effective way for teachers to directly connect with students online
  • Used as an explicit Content Management System (CMS)

Google Classroom LMS Benefits:

  • Assist in performing diverse online class activities like enabling assignments, courses, tests, quizzes, and also help conduct exams digitally with a precise grading system.
  • Teachers can facilitate videos, PDFs, Google Docs, Google Calendar, CSV Files and Google Forms surveys to be used while adding content to assignments or while sharing digital materials with students. 
  • Every classroom created can be linked with a different class code; the stakeholder merely needs to share this class code with the students to join the class. It even works by manually adding the student email addresses.
  • Delivers both basic and advanced self-paced training and professional development opportunities directly for connected teachers
  • Offers certified educator and trainer programs for improving skills
  • Provides a unique hybrid approach for in-class as well as virtual classes
  • Integrate with numerous other educator-approved applications
  • Handle classroom on the go using the mobile application
  • Straightforwardly communicate with parents and automatedly send them updates

Google Classroom LMS Pricing:

It is free for educational institutes; however, a paid G Suite Enterprise version comprises added features, like advanced video conferencing functionalities, modern security, and premium support. Google doesn’t publish pricing details directly, so one has to connect with their sales teams for a quote.

2. Microsoft Team

Microsoft Teams is a top learning management system (LMS) used across the organizations for internal and external communications. It is simple to use, enable quick notifications and have a clean UI. While this work from home period due to this pandemic it is being utilized comprehensively for day-to-day meetings, digital sessions and for screen sharing. It possesses emojis and GIFs to make online chatting more dynamic, engaging and interactive. It has a mobile app to make it much straightforward to access.

Microsoft Teams is replacing top collaboration and business messaging platforms, which even includes Microsoft-operated Skype for business and Microsoft Classroom for learning solutions.

Top learning management systems (LMS) - Microsoft Teams

LMS Type: Communication and Collaboration Solution

Microsoft Team LMS: Reasons to Purchase Premium Version

  • Added features, functionalities, access and support

Microsoft Team Integration with:

  • Collaboration with Office apps (Excel, Word & PowerPoint) 
  • Videoconferencing, application integration and file storage
  • High-quality video calling
  • Effective audio calling
  • Easy screen sharing functionality

Microsoft Team LMS: Fit For?

  • Enabling e-Learning for students
  • Conducting digital meetings and online education

Microsoft Team LMS Benefits:

  • Facilitate digital sessions, assignment submissions, audio and video lectures
  • Enable online meetings, session recording and downloading attendance
  • Create immense groups and teams for collaborative meetings

Microsoft Team LMS Pricing:

Both free and extended paid versions as part of Microsoft 365 which involves different factors like maximum meeting duration, administration and technical support.

3. Docebo

The Docebo platform is a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows customers, partners and sales enablement along with employee onboarding and development. Leading companies like Amazon Web Services, Wal-Mart, Docusign, Uber, ZipRecruiter, Hewlett-Packard, and other top corporate players use this system. 

Docebo facilitates collaboration by enabling employees to ask questions and get answers from their company’s domain experts. Learners can share knowledge which can be authenticated by peer-review and shared across diverse employee teams.

The system has expertise in assisting fast-growing companies that require to scale their learning programs swiftly right in a single platform. It works best with enterprises that have outgrown their present LMS and need a superior solution that matches the speed at which they are maturing.

Top learning management systems (LMS) - Docebo

LMS Type: Collaborative Learning System

Docebo LMS: Reasons to Purchase:

  • Students can interact and engage
  • Completely customizable and personalized
  • Simple and straightforward to use

Docebo LMS Integration With:

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface
  • Supports numerous 3rd party tools 
  • Extensive access to 3rd party integrations

Docebo LMS Fit For?

  • Office staff members, clients or customers 

Docebo LMS Benefits:

  • Enterprise learning plans are simple to access, supple, and scalable
  • No manual interventions are involved while adding or removing users
  • If you are not precisely sure with the exact figure of users, you can scale the plan up or down, as required
  • Get personalized dashboards that report the ROI of your collaborated learning programs
  • You can easily steer brand loyalty and advocacy with your clients and partners 

Docebo LMS Pricing:

  • Access to free trial and demo
  • Need to connect with an expert for pricing 
  • Just pay for learners taking training or actively exploring content

4. WizIQ

WizIQ is another top learning management system for educators providing virtual classroom and LMS software to those looking to train and teach learners.  With this system, you can create and sell interactive courses that can be offered as live classes or as study materials to be explored at the speed students wish. These can be converted to MOOCs (massive open online courses) to boost student enrolment and increase revenue streams. 

In terms of utilizing the system within a company, users can build branded learning portals to offer training to staff members, partners and clients through online tutorials or live classes. 

Top learning management systems (LMS) - WIzIQ

LMS Type: Enables sharing of learning lessons globally

WizIQ LMS: Reasons to Purchase Premium Version: 

  • Assists you reach a bigger audience
  • Mobile version accessible
  • Customization features and functionalities

WizIQ LMS Integration with:

  • Virtual classroom tools
  • Advanced LMS software tools
  • Course creation tools
  • Tools for online tutorials 
  • Tests and assessment tools
  • eLearning analytics 

WizIQ LMS Fit For?

  • Aimed more for teachers and then students

WizIQ LMS Benefits:

  • The design functionalities are extensive and simple 
  • Offer training courses a well-polished and proficient feel
  • All lessons can be accessed on the go through the WizIQ app 
  • The application caters to both iOS and Android devices
  • Create branded learning portals with personalized logo, banner, URL and colours 

WizIQ LMS Pricing:

The platform earlier used to showcase pricing for its diverse tiers, however, now you need to connect with their sales professionals for a quote.

5. Blackboard Learn

With an advanced, intuitive and utterly responsive interface, Blackboard Learn™ provides a comfortable, more commanding teaching and learning experience that goes beyond the conventional learning management system.

With a cloud-based solution designed to be responsive to the requirements of various devices, and can work with 3rd party content providers. The system is not only used for colleges and universities to educate students but also for employee training and collaboration amid departments.

Top learning management systems (LMS) - Blackboard Learn

LMS Type: Entirely responsive, intuitive and collaborative learning solution

Blackboard Learn™: Reasons to Purchase Premium Version:

  • Effortless for students and teachers to utilize
  • Multi-purpose and completely mobile friendly

Blackboard Learn™ Integration with:

  • Data & analytics tools
  • Reporting tools
  • Collaboration & web conferencing tools

Blackboard Learn™ Fit For?

  • Online training and education
  • Utilized in colleges and universities
  • Used across businesses and governments

Blackboard Learn™ Benefits:

  • The learning system enables learners and eases the burden on teaching instructors
  • It possesses timesaving tools and a flawless design which makes teaching and learning simpler
  • The world’s best institutions rely upon and trust this platform 
  • Learners and instructors can effortlessly learn and teach at any time, from anywhere

Blackboard Learn™ Pricing:

No exact pricing is offered online and so you require connecting with their sales team for a quote. 

6. LearnUpon

LearnUpon is a leading cloud-based learning management system for educational stakeholders, corporate employees, sales, customers and client partner training. It helps deliver large-scale enterprise-level training with technical accuracy, system scalability and learning effectiveness. It also facilitates comprehensive eCommerce and end-to-end training delivery solutions.

This LMS is highly known for its modern features, functionalities, friendly interface and the multilingual support it provides to its stakeholders. Its capability to segment diverse teams and build exclusive learning paths is one of the significant benefits it offers. The system is relied upon by leading companies, including Zendesk, Logitech, and TripAdvisor.

Top learning management systems (LMS) - Learn Upon

LMS Type: User-focusedLMS to deliver diverse training sessions

LearnUpon LMS Reasons to Purchase Premium Version: 

  • Access to numerous 3rd party integrations
  • Advance integration with business tools
  • Compatible with different API’s

LearnUpon LMS Fit For?

  • All types of educational institutions 
  • Businesses of all categories and sizes

LearnUpon LMS Benefits:

  • It provides the capabilities to back multiple audiences in one system using numerous portals
  • It supports hybrid and blended learning methods 
  • Enable ILT, webinars and PowerPoint presentations

LearnUpon LMS Pricing:

It provides free trial access and online demo. Pricing is based on the active users and online portals used. There are different subscription plans both by user-wise and portal-wise access.

7. Moodle

Moodle is one of the adequate open-source education LMS applications. It backs meeting both education and corporate clients’ learning needs. The best functionality of the system is to be cohort, wide-ranging customization, and precise course administration. 

It solves the organisation’s business challenges such as no-licensing costing, can serve more concurrent users, builds all categories of training, access to ready plugins, 12+ sorts of question alternatives, and multiple social collaborations.

Top learning management systems (LMS) - Moodle

LMS Type: Open-source education and corporate LMS 

Moodle LMS Integration Available:

  • Access to ready-made plugins
  • Course and batch administration tools

Moodle LMS Fit For?

  • Educational institutions including colleges, schools, training institutes and universities
  • Even used by businesses and corporate companies

Moodle LMS Benefits:

  • Enable course administration, creating multiple course categories and batch types within the system
  • Facilitate cohort management and works effectively in the education domains for batch promotions

Moodle LMS Pricing:

This is an open-source application, so, there is no licensing cost or involvement of other recurring expenses.

Selecting an Online Learning Management System (LMS)

As you can explore online, there are many LMS choices accessible out there, and each one carries its own benefits. Please have a precise test-drive prior to buying these systems so you can make the right choice and give it a go for your advancements!

Moving Forward 

The recent pandemic has forced students and learners into distance learning. This scenario means these learning management systems can make a real difference in the life of educators, students and corporate stakeholders who might not have already utilized these online solutions and these can be new options for them. 

Disha Shah is a co-founder of Pragmatic Consultancy and DIMC and has contributed to the success of various service-sector startups and SMEs for 15 years now. She has been faculty to various business schools and ran her own institute for 13 years. She has expertise in cost-benefit analysis, GAP analysis and guiding team to increase efficiency, reduce cost and increase profitability. She conducts various training programs on team motivation, leadership, costing, and process improvements. Apart from being a foodie, Disha is fond of dancing and reading books.