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Top 7 Niche Fashion eCommerce Brands for the CULT People

Niche fashion brands are in trend these days and when it comes to eCommerce, they are even more in demand.

Recently, we shared a list of eCommerce market leaders in the fashion industry across India. And, now we are ready to share a list of niche fashion brands in the Indian eCommerce industry.

But, why? Because the eCommerce trends for 2020 says, there is a huge rise of Niche Players. 

So, it becomes essential for you to understand everything about niche brands before you move ahead to learn about niche fashion brands.

What are Niche Brands?

A niche brand is a brand that focuses on selling a specific and specialized product within a specific yet small market. The product features of niche brands are aimed at targeting a specific audience having a specific price range, production quality, etc.

Niche brands are aimed at being successful even in the dominance of market leaders.

Examples of Niche Brands:

  1. Nike targeting sports enthusiasts
  2. Airbnb targeting audience looking for affordable vacations
  3. BigBasket targeting audience looking for grocery shopping
  4. Uber targeting audience looking to take cab services
  5. Coursera targeting audience looking to take online education

So, these are called niche brands.

What are Niche Fashion Brands?

Niche fashion brands are the brands selling fashion products such as apparels, beauty products, fashion accessories, and everything related to fashion.

We are going to discuss here the niche fashion brands that are doing amazing in the eCommerce industry. They don’t sell anything and everything. In fact, from their products, the way of selling to offering customer service- makes them a successful niche player in the eCommerce fashion industry.

Now, we are ready to share another list of Indian niche fashion brands that attract the people who eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. Let me tell you these niche fashion brands are unique and running successfully despite the presence of the market leaders:

Successful Niche Fashion Brands that Sells Online

The Postbox

The Postbox - Leather Accessories

The Postbox is an eCommerce fashion startup from Chennai, India that was launched in the year 2014.

This niche fashion brand runs behind an idea of bringing the unique and highly creative art design ideas to the routine functional products straightaway from the artists and designers across India. Those designs are then carefully developed at The Postbox, tested for the quality and are put to sell.

They launch 3 or 4 products at maximum in a month and they almost have 1100+ orders every month.

This fashion brand is doing amazingly when it comes to some super-funky bags, leather-based travel essentials, home accessories, and gifting.

The products at The Postbox looks extremely new, fresh, classy and unique and it gives a sense of using products that you wouldn’t find it anywhere else.


Andamen - Exclusive Cotton Shirt eCommerce

Andamen is an online niche luxury fashion brand for men in India. This eCommerce niche fashion store was launched in the year 2016 inspired by the Andamans.

Andamen is an inventory-based eCommerce startup in which the store consists of casual and formal shirts that anybody would love to wear in India as well as in London or New York.

The purpose of this brand is to bring one of the world’s finest cotton materials- Egyptian Giza. The material is a combination of Indian and Western contemporary look.

The niche fashion brand is doing amazing because they clearly say that they rarely restock the styles that are sold out. Also, their priority is to upgrade the label, “Made in India” and Indian men wear shirts that give them a feeling of wearing foreign luxury brands.

March Tee

MarchTee - Supima Cotton Tees

If you don’t know March Tee then you will literally be shocked to know about the same. March Tee is an eCommerce fashion brand in the niche category that just sells round-neck PLAIN tees.

You won’t find any design, print or logo on their tees. March Tee is an inventory-based online fashion store that sells plain 100% Supima cotton T-shirts.

MarchTee - 100% Supima Cotton Tees

The tees by the March Tee only have five bright colors to sell for men as well as for women. Out of which you will at least see one of them is sold out.

But, once you wear a tee by March Tee, you will never ever want to wear any other brand. The tees are that comfortable and the stitches are invisible.

A niche online fashion brand which is doing great with just the tees.

Mr Button

Mr Button - an Online Men's Fashion Store

Mr Button is an Indian eCommerce premium fashion brand exclusively for men. Khetan Apparel Pvt. Ltd. launched the brand in 2011.

Mr Button is both- inventory and marketplace- eCommerce business model. The purpose of this fashion brand is to sell the company’s own men’s formal and casual wear along with the products from various fashion stores.

This niche fashion brand focuses on everything for men that is classy and stylish as per the individual’s body fit and style preferences, making it one of the niche players in the top eCommerce fashion brands in India.


Lenskart - an Online Eyewear Store

Lenskart is India’s first omnichannel eCommerce fashion brand that only sells eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. It was launched in the year 2010.

Initially, the brand worked on just selling the contact lenses and within a few months, they begin selling other eyewear.

It was a challenge for this eyewear startup to convince the audience to consider online shopping for eyewear. But, Lenskart focused on bringing the customers to engage with the brand to improve the customer experience.

The success of this niche fashion brand had begun when they came up with offline stores to allow their customers to try the glasses and order them. Its omnichannel eCommerce model makes it easy for their customers to try, collect and return their orders within online and offline stores.

Also, no other eCommerce brand is offering such facilities like trying products at home, but Lenskart does. Customers can book an eyewear trial and a specialist would reach their home with 100+ frames.

Lenskart 3D Feature

Adding to that, Lenskart allows customers to try different frames on 3D. With this, customers can try different frames on their own face. Lenskart partnered with Ditto to offer 3D Tryon facility to its customers.

And, this idea made a huge difference in the success of the brand.

This helped this online fashion store to become one of the niche players who not only managed to get the investors but, even skyrocketed their business.


Zivame - an Online Fashion eCommerce Store for Women

Zivame, launched in 2011, is a niche online fashion brand in the lingerie segment. It is an online marketplace offering a huge collection of women wear including lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, and sportswear.

This niche fashion brand is also planning to change its business model to an omnichannel one to expand the brand’s reach and improve customer experience.

The challenge with the brand was to convince women to rely on an online portal for lingerie shopping. But, Zivame worked really aggressively on providing guides on how to choose the perfect fit for women with different shapes and sizes and bra size calculator. These guides helped women to calculate the perfect fit for themselves and ease their online lingerie shopping.

The new features and experiences at Zivame made it count to the success of its journey and breaking the stereotype of shopping lingerie only from the offline stores.


Caratlane - an Online Jewelry Store

Caratlane is India’s leading online jewelry brand that was launched in the year 2008. The brand is now converted to Omnichannel business model from the marketplace to expand its customer reach and experience.

The brand’s value was doubled with the acquisition by Titan. And, Caratlance found challenging to convince women to buy diamond, gold, and solitaire jewelry without trying.

But, by encouraging their customers to try jewelry real-time on their phones made it a big bang. This increased the number of women who started becoming the brand’s big-time loyal customers.

The success of Caratlane lies in the influence of their online presence to their offline jewelry store.

Do you know a niche fashion brand who sells online and can be a part of our list? Do share with us on our email address or social media channels. If we found them unique and exciting, we would share them on our blog and network.