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Top 6 Furniture and Home Decor eCommerce Brands in India

Sep 30, 2018 5 min read


Top 6 Furniture and Home Decor eCommerce Brands in India

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Home decor and furnishing brands in India are the best options for Indians to upgrade the home irrespective of the holiday season.

In a busy life, we tend to search online to see the current home decor design and styles. But, when we talk about buying furniture online, we tend to have a sense of doubt for the following:

  • Are the sellers genuine enough?
  • Is this eCommerce store trustworthy?
  • Whether the products would be of good quality?
  • Are these products overpriced?
  • And, the list does not end here

But, you would be surprised to know that the home furnishing segment is booming in the eCommerce industry. Every year, this segment sees almost 4-5% increase in the revenue.

Thanks to DINKs, urban youth, and working professionals who keep on changing their locations due to work.

So now, people trust more on the online home decor and furnishing stores for their home makeover.

Have you decided what do you want to buy and from where?

Wait! Before you decide, check out India’s top home decor and furnishing brands with why and when you should consider them to buy your home decor and furnishing items.

Top Home Furnishing and Decor Brands in India

1. Pepperfry

Top Home Furnishing Brand - Pepperfry

Pepperfry is the top home decor brand in India. When it comes to home improvements or furnishing needs, Pepperfry is the one name that tops not on Google, but even on the mouth of many Indians.

Looking at the success of offline stores and Indian consumers psychology, this home furnishing brand now has offline stores in almost 10 more cities. After shifting its focus towards an omnichannel business model, Pepperfry even plans to double their offline stores by the year 2019.

Pepperfry launched furniture rental services targeting people who are looking for an amazing home and living experiences rather than ownership of those home furnishing products. And, this year, we have noticed that there is a market crunch in almost all the industries and that has greatly affected the high-valued items.

So, in this festive season, if you are looking for a home makeover, you can go for Pepperfry’s furniture rental services available at all of its stores.

2. Urban Ladder

Leading home furnishing brand - Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder is another top home furnishing brand in India in the eCommerce industry which is giving the tightest competition to Pepperfry.

This online home decor brand was a startup. It was not launched as a marketplace in the year 2012. They initiated with taking care of the entire end-to-end processes- everything from bringing in the wood, designing the furniture to delivering the purchased furniture.

This means Urban Ladder was launched as an e-tailer for furniture and home decor products.

Like Pepperfry, Urban Ladder shifted their focus on becoming an omnichannel eCommerce brand. So, you can get your home products from their offline stores as well.

But, do you know that Urban Ladder can bring your selected sofas to your home for trial?

Yes, you read that right.

In this festive season, if you are looking to upgrade your sofa or buy a new one, you can select any 3 of your best choices available on this best home furnishing brand in India. And, they can bring all of those 3 to your home to test and try which suits your home design the best.

Don’t believe me? Check out here-

Try at home feature of Urban Ladder - top home decor brand in India

So, if you are not sure which one to buy, you can avail this ‘try-at-home’ service by Urban Ladder and be the kind of your own choice.

3. HomeTown

top home furnishing ecommerce brand - HomeTown

HomeTown is one of the best home decor companies in India that started off with the offline furniture store and shifted a pinch of their focus to have an online home furnishing store. That’s how HomeTown is now considered as one of the top home furnishing brands in India.

Being a part of the Future Group company, HomeTown has 40+ offline stores across 22 cities of India. Also, its focus has always remained to grab the retail market. Well, their online home decor store is even doing great when compared to other highly competitive brands.

In this festive season, if you don’t want to invest all of your savings in giving a classy look to your home, you have all the ways to look forward to HomeTown. This one of the top Indian home decor brands offer the finance options to buy your home furniture.

4. Home Centre

Leading home furnishing eCommerce brand - HomeCentre
Home Centre is an Indian home decor brand that had begun their journey with the offline retail stores. This home furnishing brand started to sell the home decor and furniture products across the Middle East and India.

Being an old player in the retail furniture industry, Home Centre easily launched their online store. And, the journey to becoming one of the leading furnishing and home decor brands started for Home Centre.

In the year 2017, Home Centre launched its eCommerce websites and apps in India with the sole purpose to improve their customer experience and sales.

And, the home furniture brand has launched 33 offline stores covering major cities in India making it remain the top online furniture brand even in India.

5. @home

Top home furnishing eCommerce brand - @home
@home is a home furnishing brands in India  by Nilkamal Limited which is a manufacturer of moulded furniture, mattresses, and many home decor products.

The home decor brand offers interior design solutions and personalized professional guidance on buying the right products for a particular home.

@home is not only spread across online but has footprints across 26 stores.

If you don’t like to upgrade your home furniture much often and want highly durable furniture, then this top home decor brand in India is the best choice for you.


Check out how they test the durability of their products here-

Product reliability test at @Home - Top home decor brand in IndiaSource

6. Damro

Leading online home furniture brand - Damro
Damro is a leading home decor brand that manufactures modern as well as traditional furniture. Being the largest furniture manufacturer in South Asia. DAMRO launched its own online furniture store.

What’s different at Damro compared to other online decor brands?

It is its smart rewards program which adds points to your account whenever you buy products from Damro. And, once you reach around 1000 points, you can redeem them.

So, it has also a customer loyalty program as Flipkart which launched recently.

Don’t have a double mind, Take Benefits this Festive Season. Either buy or get furniture on rent.

Looking at the uniqueness of the each of the above-mentioned leading home furnishing and decor eCommerce brands, get yourself ready for a home makeover.

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