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Top 12 Shipping Aggregators for Your eCommerce Business

Oct 3, 2020 8 min read


Top 12 Shipping Aggregators for Your eCommerce Business

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Shipping is one of the most crucial aspects of the eCommerce business.

Every eCommerce business owner, regardless of size or what he sells, asks themselves a common question: “How do I get my product orders out the door?”

For some online retailers, the response is a shipping software or aggregator.

What is a Shipping Software Solution or Shipping Aggregator?

A shipping aggregator brings many carriers into one platform to offer online retailers lower than regular shipping charges. It also provides retailers with better visibility across vendors’ pricing, which assists them in selecting the most affordable one.

A shipping management software is seen as a significant choice as it is a plug-and-play one-stop shipping shop and takes care of all stuff related to shipping. Online retailers feel like they save time and effort by not having to contact numerous shipping companies.

So, by enabling the fulfillment process using the right shipping management tool, business owners can now have more time to design new marketing strategies and focus on making more money.

Here we have got the,

Top 12 shipping aggregators for your online retail business

1. GoShippo

GoShippo is one of the leading shipping aggregators that rationalizes and automates the shipping processes saving time, money, and efforts. You can ship your packages swiftly and save on shipping by accessing the discounts for USPS, UPS, DHL, and more. The shipping company also enables you with real-time rates from a network of carriers to pick the best match.

Top shipping software - GoShippo

Shipping Tool Features of GoShippo includes:

  • Effortless Integration – You can save time by easily syncing product orders and tracking details.
  • Validate Address, Facilitate Returns & Schedule Pickups – You can have precise deliveries by using in-built global address validation, have return labels and schedule a carrier pickup.
  • Make your Shipping Tailor-made – Further, customize your shipping labels, enable customer notifications, and provide a personalized experience.
  • Backs Global Shipping – The company facilitate pre-filled customs forms and have paperless trade to support global shipping.
  • Robust Shipping Tools – Enable batch label printing, manifests, analytics and reporting through automated tools.
  • Partial Order Fulfillment – Manage the splitting of order into numerous shipments for back ordered items and inventory in different warehouses.

2. ShipEngine

ShipEngine assists eCommerce platforms, 3rd party logistics, and brands. ShipEngine APIs have enabled more than one billion shipments for the swiftest growing brands and logistics companies. You can speedily integrate with hundreds of carriers and eCommerce marketplaces around the globe through this shipping software.

Top shipping aggregators - ShipEngine

Shipping Management Tool Features of ShipEngine comprises:

  • Shipping of Packages – You can select your carriers, restructure your processes, and save money by leveraging shipping discounts.
  • Checking of Shipping Rates – Your team can explore real-time rates across carriers and pick the precise one for every shipment.
  • Monitoring of Packages Enjoy real-time tracking and delivery notifications, so you know accurately where your package is and when it will turn up. Further, you can check-out package status anywhere and through any platform.
  • Customizing the Stakeholder Experiences – Give your stakeholders a seamless brand experience with tailored labels, tracking pages, and address validation.

3. ShipStation

ShipStation is one of the most effective powerful eCommerce shipping solution which make shipping quicker, simpler, and cost-effective. This shipping management tool has the most 5-star reviews and positive ratings. The services comprise an unparalleled buying and shipping experience with each order and the tools you require to surpass your customers’ expectations.

Top shipping aggregators - ShipStation

The Shipping Solution Functionalities of ShipStation include:

  • Comprehensive and Fully-featured Mobile App – You can manage and ship orders, check-out all the reports, engage with customers, and get push notifications from your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Effective Self-service Tracking Portal – The services come with geo-tracking, boost in seller ratings, and help increase repeat product purchases.
  • Easy International Shipping – Offer free $100 package coverage on each shipment, USPS discounts, and immediate refunds.
  • Branded Communications all through the Shipping Procedure – Personalize with your logo, CRM messaging, social media links, tailored emails, labels, and packing slips.
  • Self-Serve Returns – Give customers access to return labels, set your return policy, choose the top carrier service for your returns, and have real-time return tracking.
  • Quick Data Analysis – You have multiple ways to filter and view your data for making intelligent business decisions.

4. Shiprocket

Shiprocket has created positive credibility with time and serves around 20,000 pin codes. Its shipping partners comprise Aramex, FedEx, BlueDart, and more but do not provide integration with Logistics Company of selection. This shipping management software has pricing plans for seamless procedures: Lite, Basic, Advanced, and Pro, which rely on the order volumes. It also provides cash on delivery support and a cycle of 14 days for its release.

Top shipping aggregators - Shiprocket

Key Shipping Software Features of Shiprocket comprises:

  • Enhancement in Shipping Quality – It offers courier recommendation engines, NDR & RTO dashboards, and bulk order processes.
    Superior Order Tracking – The company provides order tracking via SMS & Email notifications and white-labeled shipment tracking page.
  • Automated & Effective Shipping –
    • Integrated to Amazon, Shopify, Magento and other channels
    • Business analytics for smarter decisions
    • Handle finances with COD & Billing Reconciliation Dashboard

5. ShipperHQ

ShipperHQ is a robust shipping management tool which helps eCommerce merchants and makes their life simpler.

Top shipping aggregators - ShipperHQ

The Unique Shipping Management Tool Features of ShipperHQ include:

  • Shipping Rules – You can set rules to showcase customized rates for precise geographic zones, form shipping groups, or an assortment of dates and display shipping choices as per conditions you select.
  • Dimensional Packing – This feature is designed to calculate the most precise rates when utilizing live carrier-calculated rates. You can define the logic as well as boxes, and while checkout, this shipping solution will pull the dimensions of the products for sales and obtain live rates from your carrier to make the process seamless.
  • Multi-origin Shipping – You can easily map carriers, get shipments rates, define service locations, confine shipping methods, add surcharges, making products available and rate shipments from multiple origins.
  • Backup Carrier Rates – You can have automated backup rates set when there is a down-time with live rates. Else, you can utilize an optional live rate carrier already set for your backup rates.
  • LTL Freight – If you ship large or bulky products, the LTL Freight Carriers Advanced functions offer you the ability to offer your customers live LTL rates.

6. FourKites

FourKites is a real-time shipping company that optimizes supply chains for leading brands blending influential machine learning technology with the world’s biggest data network.

Top shipping aggregators - Fourkites

Some of the Distinctive Features of this Shipping Tool comprise:

  • Comprehensive Predictive Visibility and Insights – You get real-time, predictive analytics and insights at your fingertips for automation as well as cost savings.
  • Enhanced Enterprise Compatibility – This shipping solution interfaces with your present ERP, TMS, and dispatch systems to enable you in no time. Experience a flawless onboarding procedure with FourKites’ 90+ innovative integrations with ERP, TMS, and dispatch systems, along with 200+ ELD connections.

7. EasyShip

EasyShip is a leading cloud shipping software that empowers merchants to scale internationally.

Top shipping aggregators - Easyship

Significant Features of the Shipping Software, EasyShip, includes:

  • Prevailing Shipping API for Ecommerce – The company offers controlling shipping choices to your website and extensive shipping functionality to your ERP, warehouse, or platform.
  • Solution to all Import Duties and Taxes (Item Category Based Tax) – The company service determines all duties and tax charges for your global shipments. It ensures that you know how much to pay on item categories to keep away from unlikeable surprises and shipment delays across any country.

8. ShipBob

ShipBob is a technology-enabled 3PL service provider that fulfills online retail orders for direct-to-consumer brands. It assists in improving transit times, shipping costs, and customer experience.

Top shipping aggregator - ShipBob

Noteworthy Features of ShipBob Shipping Software comprise:

  • Simple Onboarding – The integrations with crucial eCommerce platforms and marketplaces like Shopify, Magento, Amazon, BigCommerce, and Walmart enables you to import orders and exchange data for a two-way flow of information.
  • Distributed Inventory – With its network of fulfillment centers, you can split your inventory across their locations to get your products moved from point A to point B more swiftly and cost-effectively.
  • Order Management – Their systems monitor your orders, filters them by status, offers order search functionality, and offers order timelines (when the order is being picked, packed, or shipped). They also find shipping details (dimensions, weights, or carrier services) and get a snapshot for orders needing action.
  • Reporting and Analytics – For offering you visibility into the performance, ShipBob’s free analytics tool comes with charts to assist you with all the reporting and improved supply chain decision-making.

9. Vamaship

It is an inclusive shipping platform for all the eCommerce logistics requirements. It ships in 200 countries across the world and services over 20,000 pin codes in India. It offers multiple location pickup, reverse shipments, shipping competence analytics, continuous support, the automated inflow of data, and more. More than 500 companies utilize Vamaship, including Amazon and Alibaba.

Top shipping aggregators - Vamaship

Essential Features of Vamaship Shipping Company comprise:

  • All-inclusive Shipping – With Vamaship, you can ship through any of the mediums, any partner, and anywhere at the most affordable price, with a single web and mobile-enabled platform.
  • Pre-integrated Analytics Tools – It has created a shipping & sales analytics tool pre-integrated in your dashboard, which updates on a real-time basis.

10. Zepo

Zepo couriers are another prominent logistics aggregator in India and provide services to 15000 pin codes. It comes as a simplified shipping solution for your retail business, managing and sending all your eCommerce shipments at a discounted price with a straightforward dashboard.

Top shipping aggregator in India - Zepo

Some of the Distinguishing Features of Zepo Shipping Aggregator include:

  • Select From Multiple Courier Partners & Services – The shipping platform enables shipping through FedEx, DHL, Bluedart, Aramex, Dotzot, and Delhivery. You can deliver products to over 15,000+ Pincodes via Air shipping or Road.
  • Reduced Remittance Cycle – You get COD remittances in a 7 Day cycle with a history of remittances on your diverse COD orders.

11. eCourierz

eCourierz is one of the top shipping aggregators has come up with a superior, highly scalable, and specialized logistics solutions to handle the eCommerce shipping services. This Omnichannel shipping software solution covers all elements of warehousing services from managing high volumes of product shipping and delivery to enabling small orders.

Top shipping aggregators - eCourierz

Some of the Innovative Features of eCourierz Shipping Aggregator include:

Pre-Integrated Logistics – This shipping software company enables pre-integrated logistics and processes without any small or big order of commitment per month through its platform.

Modernized Packaging Solutions & Automation Tools – It offers pioneering packaging solutions and automation tools for streamlining your eCommerce supply chain.

12. Shipyaari

Shipyaari is an eCommerce focused Logistics Company with a superior reputation and is a promising leader in global logistics management. The company serves 25000+ pin codes for prepaid deliveries and 19000+ pin codes for COD. Further, it manages 5000+ shipments on a day to day basis with 6000+ sellers across India. It is a user-friendly API, with continuous support from the team, swift deliveries and cost-effective pricing.

Top shipping aggregators - Shipyaari

Imperative Features of Shipyaari Shipping Software comprises:

  • One API For All Requirements – With an arrangement of responsive and resourceful planning and supply chain management services, this shipping aggregator transports products globally through numerous delivery methods.
  • Automated Order Placement, Shipping, Shipment & Tracking – With order placement, the API’s shipping data is automatically offered, and the vendor selection is facilitated through systems to let you select the best shipping partner. Further shipping and shipment can be tracked through your dashboard. Finally, the order status and their payments can be tracked on the control panel.

Choose the right shipping software for your eCommerce business

So, for choosing the best shipping software company as per your distinctive eCommerce logistics requirements, it needs extensive research about the industry. Hence, follow the information mentioned above with detailed shipping features to decide the future of your eCommerce business.

Which one do you use for your eCommerce business? Tell us your experience with the same.

And, if you have another shipping aggregator that works amazing for your, share it with us at [email protected]

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