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eComKeeda authors are typically online sellers, retail business owners, eCommerce consultants, eCommerce gurus, digital marketers, logistics & fulfillment agencies, influencers, and investors. And they have love to write on eCommerce.

Here they share their experience, wisdom, lessons learned, tips and tricks with aspiring brands, and the eCommerce community, which they gained while working in the eCommerce industry. If you feel you are one of them, share your experience and become a Content Keeda!

While recollecting our mission, “Giving Back to Society,” we encourage you to share your views – everything that has changed the way you do an eCommerce business, development, marketing, investment, and almost everything-eCommerce to help others. And it will be published with full credits to an author.

Before pitching your article idea to us, please read this information that may assist you to improve your article.

Who are our readers?

The readers at eComKeeda are entrepreneurs, manufacturers, retail owners, students, startups, merchants, marketers, home-based business owners, niche brand owners, influencers, and everyone who is looking to start, grow, expand, and sustain an eCommerce business.

When you start writing an article for eComKeeda, please consider your reader is looking for some real-life advice that comes from experiences, view-points, and research.

Who can submit an article?

You! Irrespective of the times you’ve written or published an article somewhere, you can submit an article on eComKeeda. We believe anyone with wisdom and knowledge shall express.

Come up with a fresh idea or look at our existing articles for inspiration. Turn your article idea into an outline that would help us analyze whether your article would be of interest to our readers.

It would be an honor to have you.

What kind of articles do we publish?

We publish articles based on everything-eCommerce – D2C, Marketplaces, B2B, B2C, C2C, G2C, etc.

  • How-to Guides – We have beginners as well as experienced eCommerce experts reading and bookmarking our articles for future reference. They prefer long how-to guides such as ways to start a new online store, implement logistics, optimize marketing campaigns, measure success, and more.
  • Opinion-Based – Have an opinion about your segment or industry? Back it up with your research and share it with everyone in your segment/industry. But It has to be a fresh view-point.
  • Tutorials – Everyone has something to learn, and if you have that something to teach our audience, help them through the process with media-rich examples.
  • Non-branded listicles – Our audience loves Quick hacks that make their eCommerce experience easy and hassle-free. Make sure they have fresh perspectives.
  • Takeaways – What did you learn when migrating from Shopify to Magento? What happened when you had invested in marketing technology? What decisions have you made that impacted your online sales? Share your real-life experiences, our audiences embrace that!
  • Survey Reports – Did you survey your customers, vendors, or others? If it matters to our readers, bring their results to us.

What kind of articles do we not publish?

We take our readers very seriously, and we make sure everything that they learn and apply should be highly authentic, relevant, and practical enough to be implemented straight away.

Don’t pitch an idea on behalf of someone else. If you want to publish something on the name of your CEO, please ask the CEO to pitch us. If you want to publish something on marketing, you should be a marketer or someone from the marketing team/agency. If you want to write about technology, you must have a background in the same.

We do not accept articles from people whose background and ideas have no relevance.

People looking to publish press releases, please refrain from adding us to your list.

What information do we need from you?

Phase: Idea Submission

  1. Author Name, City, Country, Website, Years of Experience
  2. Target Audience
  3. Article Idea – An original article idea that is not published somewhere else or a similar article topic with fresh or new perspectives
  4. Article Outline – What you would cover in the article – heading, sub-headings, examples, statistics, references, data, and whatever else you feel would justify your points
  5. Add 200-300 words in your article outline and details you’d cover under each section of your article
  6. Author’ Bio – We want to publish who is pitching the idea and their experience/expertise around the topic
  7. Share links to your previous writings, if you’re an experienced one
  8. Article Submission Timeline – You would need to share a timeline by which you’ll share your article with us

Phase: Article Submission

  1. Complete article as per outline submitted and accepted  
  2. Suggestive category of article
  3. # you want to cover
  4. 1 backlink you want to include in your article
  5. Your Photograph & Social Media Handles – Once we accept your article pitch, we’ll ask your photograph and social media handles to use across your profile, author bio, and promotional activities

Pitch your outline

Submit this article to [email protected], and one of our Keeda would get back to you with further instructions.

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